Essentials Live Update - The End of Our CC Season

Monday, January 22, 2018 1:10 PM

Essentials Live Update - The End of Our CC Season

All of our lives can often be divided up into different seasons. As of this year we are leaving one season and heading into another. We have been a part of a Classical Conversations (CC) community for six years and as of this month that season has come to an end. We will no longer continue to be a part of a CC community. Last semester I looked forward to Monday nights and my weekly Essentials live with all of you. I wasn’t able to finish out the rest of first semester and have been getting messages from all of you checking in on us and asking when I would begin the live broadcasts again. I do plan to continue weekly live broadcasts, however they will look a little different. I know you all have lots of questions so I wanted to be sure that I addressed as many questions as possible.

What We Loved About CC:

  • CC allowed me to homeschool. As a former school teacher, I mistakenly believed that I could implement my classroom training in my home. I tried. I failed. For two years. CC came along and empowered me to be able to educate my children at home successfully. I believe without CC that I would not have had the original success I needed.
  • CC introduced me to the Classical Model of Education. I know the modern educational model was failing our children. I knew that I wanted better for my children. CC introduced me to the lost art of the classical model of education in a way that I could understand and implement. As a result, I fell in love with the model and knew this was the model I wanted to follow to give my children the superior education that I felt was so important for them to have.
  • CC introduced me to some of my best friends. My tribe of friends is amazing. I get to call some of the most incredible women my friends because we met through CC. They supported us through some of the most difficult seasons, including my husband being out of work on disability for several months. 

So Why Are We Leaving?

This post is hard for me to write because I do have so much to be thankful to this program for. The biggest reason we left left can just be summed up in the truth that it is just time to move one. I know that this answer won’t suffice for many of you because you have already been sending me questions. As you all know, I always tell the truth here. I want to be able to do that, but I also want to honor the wonderful things about CC. Most of the issues I have with CC are on a leadership and business level.  I want to leave you with just two things to consider if you are in a CC community, deciding to re-enroll next year, or are considering joining one in the future. 

2 Things to Consider Before Joining a CC Community

  1. Is the director and leadership trained, experienced, and committed to the classical model? CC corporate has recently released a program where anyone can begin directing a community, even with no homeschooling or classical educating experience. This idea is even financially reinforced. They are compensating referrals for people with no experience but not compensating for those with experience. This is fantastic for a co-op model or an events community. It is not so great if you are wanting to learn how to implement the model at home. If learning the Classical model is important to you consider the director's experience with the model. One year of training at Practicum is not enough for a director to have the training he or she needs to help an entire community implement the Classical model at home all while running a business. In addition, a director cannot train her tutors well if she has no understanding or experience with the Classical model. The director and tutors should be able and willing to support you on this journey. Some of the negative feedback I have gotten from others regarding my broadcasts is that moms should be getting this information from their community. That is true. However, the resounding echo from all of you was that you were not. That is why I continued. This is not the director or tutor’s fault. This problem exists because of the lack of training and leadership at a higher level. There are many communities out there with directors that have been around long enough or were poured into from other experienced directors that they can lead their communities well in this area. Thankfully, every community I was a part of fell into this category. However, they are becoming harder to find. 
  2. Do you feel like you have to join the community to be successful at home or to have a community of supportive friends? I see this so often. I myself was guilty of this. It’s not true. There are so many resources out there for homeschooling families. The past few weeks I have laid out a simple, easy to use plan for continuing the Classical model at home with my children with little effort. We joined a local co-op for fun activities and events (for 3% of the cost of CC). On top of all of that I still have maintained friendships with my friends from three different communities even though we aren’t together every week. If you are joining CC for one of the above reasons, join a co-op or start one. You can continue to teach your children classically at home without CC. I promise. 

So What Now?

Our family has moved past the mourning of one season being over and we are now ridiculously excited for the season to come. I look forward to sharing with you how I plan to continue the Classical Model at home. I have lesson plans and schedules I cannot wait to share with you. And I will still continue my live broadcasts along this manner. My first broadcast will be this coming Monday night and I will be sharing specific about our plan at home to continue educating classically at home and answering any questions you may have. Stay tuned for details!