Emily is a mom on a mission to empower other moms to raise happy healthy families. She currently lives on a small homestead in Southwestern Idaho with her husband, four sons, and a menagerie of loved animals.

Shortly before becoming a mom for the first time Emily came down with a  mysterious illness that no doctor could figure out. This eventually led her down the path of holistic living. Her first son’s vaccine reaction and eventual celiac diagnosis led her even further down this path. The traumatic premature birth of her second son lit a fire in her to empower moms to know they could confidently make informed decisions for their children. When her second son was just a few months old Mommy Secrets was born. It began with a bunch of cloth diapers in her home and then eventually became a small local retail store when her third child was a few months old. She quickly realized that she hated the retail side of her business and much preferred the education and relational side. That, coupled with a desire to homeschool her oldest son, led to the closing of her retail store. She continued to blog and began to speak at local events, including being a featured speaker at the Southeastern Homeschool Convention in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014. Connecting with moms on a personal level to encourage them has always been her greatest passion.

In the fall of 2014, a lifelong dream came true for their family when their family moved to Idaho. She had always dreamed of raising her children on property out west with wide open spaces where they could be free to explore and dream close to nature every day. Shortly after moving to Idaho Emily gave birth to her fourth son and when shortly before his first birthday they purchased property in a small farming town to begin their Homestead. The birth of her fourth son was followed with many complications leaving Emily very sick for a long time. She was living her dream, but was too sick to enjoy it. It was then that she decided to take advantage of the money back guarantee of a new supplement company. She never ended up needing to do that because the vitamins and supplements gave her back her health and she endorsed a product line for the first time.

With her health and energy restored Emily was unstoppable. She opened an etsy shop to sell the beautiful fiber and other products from her homestead, began doing weekly social media broadcasts for homeschool moms, led health challenges, planted an orchard, and had a garden large enough to feed her family all summer and fall.

When Emily is not homeschooling, homesteading, or volunteering in her community she enjoys reading, writing, knitting, and rare quiet date nights with her husband. Her favorite fun activity with her boys is to read books made in movies aloud and then watch the movie together.